Who We Are?

Global Minority Labor Solutions, LLC is the company to call for authorized farm workers to U.S. growers, nurseries, ranches, landscaping, and harvest; whether big or small. Our company is headquartered in North Carolina and serves growers' needs in multiple states. We specialize in a wide of activities including processing visa applications, accounting and tax services. We are fast and reliable. We do the complete job; greet workers from the airport, process employment eligibility, ensure smooth transition before starting the work at your company and clean up after completing the task.

All of our workers are looking for jobs, ready to work hard, and dedicated to employers' satisfaction. We take on both year round and seasonal  jobs. Whether you request a short term assignment that takes a few weeks or a year and more, They are ready to do the job right.
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U.S. - Canada

Looking for a U.S. authorized workforce on H2A, H2B, and more? Call us at (919)-610-2883, and count on us for a job done right the first time.
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